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Lawns requires you to commit your time and effort in making sure that you care the health of your lawn and garden. A healthy lawn requires a lot of attention because of its needs and proper mowing is essential to proper lawn care. The key to a healthy lawn not just relies on proper mowing but on the three maintenance stages. If you are keen enough on the details such as choosing the best fertilizer, and watering , then you should be able to enjoy all the benefits of healthy green lawn.

Residential basic lawn maintenance is one of the most important programs that you should engage in. Having a well-cared for lawn can give your entire garden that instant aesthetic effect that will surely make your home stand out from the rest of the neighborhood. Having a beautiful garden, and lawn care program can improve your satisfaction, increase home value and benefit the environment. Lawns as well as garden plants reduce carbon dioxide, create oxygen, reduce soil erosion and reduce rain water run off.

What are the services included?

Basic lawn care

involves the most important services that are aimed towards improving the health of your turf grass. Proper mowing is key to any other services being effective. Services include Lawn mowing, trimming, edging, cleaning off turf areas, drives and walks.

Major services can also include hedge trimming, flower beds, mulch, pruning roses, and other items. These steps can ensure a lush lawn for your home that will be perfect for barbecue parties, picnics, and Frisbee games.

The second key to lawn care is the watering schedule as this provides the moisture that is needed by the grass. Most lawns in our area require about an inch of water a week during the turf growing season. The lawn typically will thrive from May to September with proper care in maintain this watering schedule, adding 1/2 inch of water twice per week. This also allows you to follow most watering restrictions in our area. Different cities in the Dallas Fort Worth area have different rules so check those but most off of them include not watering from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM.

Fertilization is the third part of the services needed, to ensure that the lawn is in its full potential and gets all the nutrients that they need to be not just green but healthy, disease and drought resistant. There are a wide range of fertilizer types and essential nutrients lawns need. Soil type plays a huge role in the effectiveness of many of the trace minerals. The lowest cost fertilizer may not actually be effective thus could be a complete waste of money.

Proper timing and application rate of the fertilizer application is important to lawn care too. Warm season grass needs to be actively growing before applying fertilizer, trying to Green Up a lawn too soon can cause excessive top growth at a time when the lawn is trying to establish roots. Healthy roots are needed for a drought resistant lawn. Roots are how lawns take up water and nutrients from the soil and they promote a dense lawn resistant to weeds. This concept also goes back to proper mowing, lawn care dictates no more than 1/3 of the blade is removed or else the turf will have to re-establish the blades of grass at the expense of root development or root energy. Hence, too much fertilizer, poor timing and or wrong type can cause excessive growth at the wrong time and hurt root development and poor lawn care conditions.

Cleaning up can also involve weed removal. Weeds can directly compete with plants for the nutrients from the soil, and the sunlight. Weeds should be removed immediately, since they can just hinder the growth of the plants. With basic lawn maintenance, you can control the growth of the weed and prevent them from growing back.

Trimming is also an important service that you should use. Your lawn should have the right size and tallness, so your entire Landscape will be as healthy as possible. Trimming should be done by an expert so he can easily sort out which parts should be trimmed and which parts should be retained.

Checking the edge drives and walks can also provide more aesthetic appeal to the garden. It is appealing to see clean walkways and edges to make sure that your garden-is well kept and well-maintained.

Maintaining the aesthetic aspect of your garden should be done by availing the services with basic lawn maintenance. With everyone living their busy schedules, you still do not want to neglect your garden and put this on top of your checklist.

Achieve lush lawns with basic lawn maintenance!