Todd Hancock

Todd Hancock

Todd Hancock founded the company in 2005.    At that time, Todd was working freelance as a small business owner and consultant to the Building Management Industry.   While presenting BOMI International courses and consulting for local property management firms, He landed a large contract with a Fortune 5 company.   

That contract while not the only one, did last about 8 years from 2005 to 2013.  It was a very challenging and rewarding experience.  There was cutting edge and experimental approaches being taken that we had to track and report upon.  The client had even contracted with the Department of Energy for some aspects of the project.   Many times, we had to change tactics and revise approaches.   

However, most of the work involved exterior maintenanceFacilities Exterior Maintenance so that became the primary focus of the company.   Landscape maintenance became our bread and butter.  At the same time, Hancock Glen Inc joined the Pesticide Environmental Stewardship Program (PESP)

 I believe we were the first landscape company to join this program and I know we are the first in Texas to Join the EPA's program for minimal use of pesticides.  We worked closely with the EPA on real-world applications of IPM outside of those applied at Government Institutions.   

Right out of College, Todd was hired as Chief Engineer for then 325 Bed Hospital, in Plano.  From there to Commercial Realestate High Rise Buildings and ultimately to a Water Treatment Chemical sales consultant.  During the 9 years in the water treatment industry, Todd visited, reviewed and analyzed hundreds if not thousands of mechanical operations.  

Two things really pointed toward freelancing, one was a car wreck that resulted in several neck surgeries and the other was the affiliation with BOMI. The car wreck forced the separation from the water treatment company.  Presenting Facilities and Property Management courses after some 20 years of experience really put a bow tie on the knowledge base says, Todd.   BOMI has allowed me to travel to places, I likely would have not been, such as the Pentagon, Oak Ridge National Labs,  Moscow, and Hawaii to name a few.    It was a classic example of one door closing and another opening.  

Hancock Glen still does Landscape Maintenance but is branching back out to Facilities Maintenance.  Painting, for example, was one thing we were asked to do that is within the realm of what we see as a viable part of our in-house services.  We still manage other projects for folks as well. They like having Todd's expertise when looking at things they can not or do not want to directly manage.  Things like HVAC replacements, lighting retrofits, roof inspection as well as general exterior landscape management.